Fcapatai Country Style

Fry Chicken

Ron down Counrty Style


Bake Bean

Corn Beef

Jamaica Low Budget Homemade Cooking Blog Journal Picture Folder & Link of Fcapatai Network

it’s about Caribbean cooking and culture shared worldwide cross the globe including Asia, Africa, Europe and even part of the eastern side of the world or content.

Not all cultural food an cooking are normally practice and shared by our views reason of different religion and believe.

All blog members and visitor are wel come to add, follow, contact, or call by any means of communications to support each other.

Blog title are just plain and simple full of food an personal encounter by dishonesty & corruption experience.

Fcapatai Network Jamaica wishes that anyone find fault or see how i can improve to expand or be in the business group online

contact must be only by honest law abiding person Fcapatai Network would like to be a part of there team and motivation because loyalty only exist when everyone is beneficial to the wellbeing of there cause or success.

All dish are prepared and eaten by the owner & founder of…….

pining lyric service Fcapatai Network

Food taste are great and delicious

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